UMG 505

Power analysers of the UMG505 product family are mainly designed for use in low and medium voltage distribution systems. Due to the additional communication options using LON, this power analyser is often used in building management systems. The large number of digital and analogue inputs and outputs (4 DI, 5DO, 4AO) enables the incorporation in monitoring systems, control tasks, information reports, the communication of measurement data (e.g. energy consumption) at a control point and incorporation in an extensive energy management system. Additional functions such as the measurement of harmonics, the recording of minimum and maximum values, pulse and analogue outputs, the bi-metallic strip function, password protection and many more offers an effective tool for fault analysis and for monitoring power quality.

Areas of application

  • Measurement, monitoring and control of electrical parameters in energy distribution systems
  • Recording of load profiles for energy management systems (cost centre data collection)
  • Measurement value generator for central building control systems or PLC
  • Monitoring of harmonics, limit value monitoring
  • Control tasks e.g. depending upon achieved measurement values or limit values


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