UMG 507

Power analysers of the UMG 507 product family are suitable for use at all network levels. The continuous measurement enables the collection of various measurement parameters, the identification of shortterm interruptions, a fault recorder function and harmonic analysis. Extensive communication options e.g. Ethernet (TCP/IP), Modbus, Profibus, RS232, RS485, HTTP, SMTP, UTP or DNS allow affordable and quick integration in existing communication networks. Worldwide access to the embedded web server can be gained through a web browser. This means that the extensive opportunities offered by the UMG 507 are available without any additional software. The large number of digital and analogue inputs and outputs enable incorporation in monitoring systems, control tasks, information reports, the communication of measurement data (e.g. energy consumption) to a central control point and incorporation in extensive energy management systems. Nummerus logic functions allow the analysis of measurement data and the introduction of concrete measures.

Areas of application

  • For measuring, monitoring and control of electrical parameters in energy distribution systems
  • For recording load profiles (energy consumption) for energy management systems (cost centre data collection)
  • For monitoring power quality (harmonics, short term interruptions, inrush currents…)
  • Control tasks e.g. depending upon the achieved measurement values or limit values
  • Remote monitoring via onboard homepage


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