UMG 512

The Janitza UMG 512 is particularly well suited to the monitoring of power quality in accordance with current standards, e.g. EN 50160, IEEE519 or EN 61000-2-4. All power quality parameters are recorded and analysed, e.g. flicker, short-time interruptions with fault recorder function, transients, harmonics up to the 63rd order, starting currents, etc. Comprehensive communication options, e.g. Ethernet (TCP/IP) with multi-port access, BACnet, Modbus, Profi bus, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, SNMP, DNS, etc. enable cost-effi cient and rapid integration into existing communication architectures. 

The devices’ own web homepages can be accessed from around the globe via a browser. The integrated Jasic® interpreter enables free access to all integrated variables (measured values etc.) through the loadable Jasic® programs. User-specifi c Jasic®programs can be created, whereby up to 7 can run in parallel. The GridVis®-Basic software included in the scope of delivery allows comprehensive analyses and reports for current PQ standards at the touch of a button.


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