GPT-4344 Switchboard printer

Features, Installation

The switchboard printer GPT-4344 stands out mainly because of its extremely compact design of only 96 x 96 mm (designed for a switchbaord housing in accordance with DIN 43700). The front of the printer can be protected against dust and dirt by adding an optional transparent front cover to the plastic housing. For the switchboard printer GPT-4346 with long view port and paper rewinder, the protective cover comes with the standard set. Printed values are easy to read on the view port that is designed extra long. The extremely small depth of only 75 mm is ideal for installation. Both devices can be easily installed in rectangular cut-outs with two mounting clamps.

Paper Handling Made Easy

Due to the Easy-Load technology, paper exchanging is extremely easy. No more annoying, lengthy threading of paper. The paper compartment is opened, the paper roll is put in, and the lid is simply closed. Immidiately after, the printer will be ready to print.

Best Print Results

Both printers print on 58 mm paper with an effective print width of 48 mm. The resolution of 203 dpi results in outstanding print quality.

Individual Text and Graphics

For commands and logos, the EEPROM has 8 KB (optionally up to 64KByte) available. User specific initialization as well as text and graphics drafts can be filed here and also be changed by the user.

Interfaces, Power Supply and Power Management

The interface connections of both devices and the power supply are achieved through standard connectors on the back of the housing.Through the serial RS232 or RS422 interfaces, or through a Centronics interface adapters (GCT-4382-10), parallel controlling is also possible.The GPT-4344 and the GPT-4346 both have an input voltage range of 10- 36 V (maximum ratings 8-40 V), which is an important benefit:They are able to tolerate excess voltages of up to 36 V that can occur in a switch cabinet, just like the short-term voltage peaks of up to 60 V sometimes developing in an automobile electricial system.


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